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Hailing from Scotland, Liam is renowned for his portrait work as well as his ability to capture moments while traveling. A native of the Shetland Islands, Liam has taken inspiration from the unique people who surround him and the incredible landscape. He has a simple yet complex approach to photographing – capturing expression, beauty and emotion in their purest forms.While he is in the early stages of his career, Liam can already create special images that reflect their purpose perfectly. His style isn’t dictated by current trends. Instead, he strives for timelessness – this look has been moulded through his dedication to finding his photographic voice along with his passion for classic photography. Liam began his career path as a graphic designer working in the editorial and advertising sector, which is where he fell in love with photography. Working as a graphic designer has also given him knowledge of what is required for certain applications. This has been a fundamental part of Liam’s rapid progression as a photographer.

Known For: Portraits & Travel

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