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Originally from Spain, Scholz lived in different countries around the world as a child. After attending journalism school, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in commercial photography. He saw advertising as a perfect meld of his two passions: location and design. He sought to capture those beautiful landscapes all around the world some can only dream of seeing. 

He has won numerous awards for his breathtaking location photography work. Yet, the turning point for him was when he made the natural leap to Director during a shoot for FCB and the Virgin Islands. When the campaign expanded to include motion mid-shoot he was asked to step in to the role of Director and has never looked back. 

He currently splits his personal time between Madrid, Frankfurt and New York City. In the years to come we foresee him spending more time in Chicago exploring the beauty that is the second city.

Client List Includes: American Express, BMW, The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board, BGB, Motorola, Geo, AEG, Esso, T-Mobile, Kohler, Star Alliance, UPS, Claritin, The New York Times, American Airlines,Sprint, Bosch, The Ford Motor Company, Conde Nast Traveler, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Miller Beer, RC Cola, Arval, Cunard, Allianz, Blue Microphones, Travesias, Javelin Blue, Umbro, Lufthansa, Ferrari, ADAC, Hilton, DeJardins Group, Ernte 23, South African Airways, The Ford Foundation, Elephant Records, Renault Fuerza Bruta, BuildNet, Alfa Romeo, Terramar Resorts, Hilton Hotels, United Airlines, Mobil Oil, John Hancock, Philip Morris, Kombucha, US Army, Michelin, ArvaEH Italia, Westwaco


Advertising Photographers Of America Award for Location Photography: Star Alliance - Young & Rubicam / New York

Moebius Awardfor Billboard: Star Alliance - Young & Rubicam / New York

Best Ad for Travel Advertising: BVI Campaign - FCB / New York

Masters Of Color Photography Award for Sports Image: FIFA / Jung von Matt - Hamburg 

The British Black & White Spider Award for Documentary Work: Queensbridge Houses Project - New York

TheInternational Automotive Advertising Award: Zubi Advertising / Miami ( Booklet )

The Creative Black Book Award for bothSeries and Single Image 

The Salmagundy Award for Fine Art Color Photography

 Communication Arts Award for Sports Series

The 100 Year Spanish Railroad Award

Our diverse group of talent specialize in creating original visual concepts in all media formats.