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Senior Producer 

Jenny Lumpkin is the international Senior Producer and sales contact for Quriosity. Armed with a BFA in both graphic design and creative writing from the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute she brings a pointed and intimate understanding of the art of visual communication. She has extensive experience working with ad agencies and entertainment companies, both foreign and domestic, as well as client direct projects. Lumpkin is the positive, energetic liaison between clients and the creative process. She builds relationships, brand image and business.

"This is a very exciting time for advertising," Lumpkin states. "I feel we are blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment. In my career, the best advertising advice I've received, 'A large budget is no guarantee and a small budget is no excuse'. The work is getting even more sophisticated and engaging than I ever imagined. With content creation at an all time high it is my responsibility and privilege to assemble smart, effective teams without compromising the creative. Connecting the right people and managing a strong process is what we do. I'm fortunate to work with the best in the best business and can proudly claim, once you've had a 'Quriosity Experience' you will never go anywhere else." 

Our diverse group of talent specialize in creating original visual concepts in all media formats.