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Hailing from the Northside of Chicago, sassy boricua (that means Puerto Rican) Yajaira Quinto was born to be a producer.
After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in Video Production, Yajaira hit the ground running producing various jobs with a focus on web series. As web series became cutting edge of media storytelling, Yajaria knew this was the place to be if she wanted to be ahead of the curve, being more 'Velvet Underground' than 'Rolling Stones'. 
"Everyone knows who The Rolling Stones are, but the Velvet Underground were the real influencers of the time without having everyone know who they are. That's why I chose web series over film...I wanted to be at the forefront of media storytelling." 
For the last few years, Yajaira has continued to expand her repertoire, moving into coordinating more commercials, including several pieces with The Onion. Some of her recent clients have included KMart, Tomy Toys, Miller Lite, CD1 Price Cleaners, Buchanan Group, and more. 

Our diverse group of talent specialize in creating original visual concepts in all media formats.