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Photographer Ellie Pritts Signs With Quriosity

Internationally-recognized photographer Ellie Pritts has been blowing away expectations since she was 14 years old when her work was featured at Columbia College's Museum Of Contemporary Photography. Read more

Quriosity works with PMM Agency to bring Toyota's "HistoryMaker" Event to Life

History Makers has been recording, preserving, and telling the stories of thousands of African Americans. As a minority owned company... Read more

Director/DP Victor Ridaura Signs With Quriosity

VICTOR RIDAURA is an LA based Stylized Visual Storyteller, whose main focus is on lifestyle campaigns. VICTOR RIDAURA was born in Caracas, Venezuela. That past background created his unique lens and style, which becomes apparent in his work. Read more

Quriosity Director Andrea Mandel captures genuine "Big Moments" for Purina

Quriosity Productions spent days preparing to shoot Purina’s Big Moments campaign for St. Louis agency CheckMark Communications. But when the cameras started rolling, it all came down to a girl and a dog who had known each other less than two days. Read more

Our diverse group of directors specialize in creating original visual concepts in all media formats.