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Director/DP Victor Ridaura Signs With Quriosity

VICTOR RIDAURA is an LA based Stylized Visual Storyteller, whose main focus is on lifestyle campaigns. VICTOR RIDAURA was born in Caracas, Venezuela. That past background created his unique lens and style, which becomes apparent in his work. Read more

Quriosity Director Andrea Mandel captures genuine "Big Moments" for Purina

Quriosity Productions spent days preparing to shoot Purina’s Big Moments campaign for St. Louis agency CheckMark Communications. But when the cameras started rolling, it all came down to a girl and a dog who had known each other less than two days. Read more

Quriosity Director Kenneth Yoder helps McDonald's MicroMac take the internet by storm

A burger for when you are a teeny tiny bit hungry. Read more

Black Apple Media joins forces with Quriosity Post for Public Housing Unit

Set in the 1980s, before most of Chicago's public housing fell to the wrecking balls and when such complexes represented a lawless and all-but-hopeless landscape, it focuses on three members of a Chicago Police Department team... Read more

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