A Change Of The Guard Is Coming to Quriosity.

January 4

A change in the guard is coming to Quriosity. After stepping down from her coordinator position this month, Adora Wilson-Eye will be succeeded by former freelance Coordinator/Production Manager Yajaira Quinto (pronounced ‘Ja-High-Duh’). Hailing from the Northside of Chicago, sassy boricua (that means Puerto Rican) Yajaira has wanted to be a producer since the time she saw Forrest Gump try to put his past behind him by running. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in Video Production, Yajaira hit the ground running producing numerous web series and commercials. For the last few years, Yajaira has continued to expand her repertoire coordinating more commercials, including several pieces with The Onion. Some of her recent clients have included KMart, Tomy Toys, Miller Lite, CD1 Price Cleaners, Buchanan Group, and more.

“I’m already so excited to be a part of the team,” said Yajaira after her first few days on the job, “granted, I feel a little like a lost puppy following everyone around, but I’m confident I’ll be able to pick up where Adora is leaving off and help take Quriosity to the next level!”

Yajaira has already made herself at home in the Quriosity offices, setting down the signature vase of flowers she brings with her to every freelance gig as a cheery touch.

“I think Yajaira is going to do a great job at Quriosity,” Adora mused on her replacement, “she’s got the experience for sure, and a sunny positive attitude that I think will balance out Qadree’s ‘crazy-like-a-fox’ brilliance. She’s also got a sharp wardrobe, which is sort of an unspoken requirement for a Quriosity Employee. And she’s bilingual! What’s not to love?”