Jared Sirota


For Jared, it’s all about the storytelling. Whether he’s cutting a :30 promo for “The Dr. Oz Show,” a :60 spot for Bally’s gym, or an 8 minute segment on Lorenzo Lamas for “Oprah’s Where Are They Now,” pacing is king and he’s an expert on how to pace the video to fit the story you’re trying to tell. He knows that music selection, motion graphics, and audio effects are all key to how your story will come across to your audience and he incorporates each of those elements at the top-most level.

Collaboration is huge with Jared. Anyone can take a script and cut a video word for word to the script. But much more often than not, the creative process doesn’t work like that. Being free to run with his creative ideas is fundamentally important and imperative to his style. He can be a button pusher if necessary but that’s not why you’re hiring him. You’re hiring him because┬áhe’s an expert editor, capable of telling your story in the best possible way.

Known For

Comedy, Digital Content, Docu Style, Food / Liquids


Epsilon, The Onion Labs, Allegra, KMart, Excedrin, BP, Intel, Gatorade, Northern Illinois University, Land O' Frost, Big Ten Network, Rivers Casino, Intel, Nature's Way, San Pelligrino, Dewers, Chicago Meat Authority, and more