Quriosity Directors Create Short Films To Open The 51st Chicago International Film Festival

October 13

Quriosity Productions joins forces with Chicago Creative Director, Susan Schmidt to produce several short films to play before every program at the 51st Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF). The project is a creative collaboration between Susan and three of Quriosity’s directors: Eric Almond, Herman Asph and Will Meyers. CIFF celebrates their success as the longest running international competitive film festival in North America with this year’s promotional theme “Because Everyone Loves Movies”. Susan’s directive for the short films proposes that people have the same passionate, romantic connections of love for films as they do with people. Interpreting her creative, each of the directors assembled very different stories into a foreign, but very familiar, film.

“Collectively, we wanted to ask the viewer to blur the lines between which story is real life and which is the film. Many times in life what we watch and what we experience is one and the same. In post, we used different color correction palettes to make each story its own. The music, supplied by Music Dealers, gave us the glue to tie the narrative together.” – Curtis Schmidt, Editor, Quriosity.

“Collaborating with Herman, Eric, Will and Curtis was the most fabulous experience. I was so impressed by each director’s creative vision, passion and their amazing visual artistry.” – Susan Schmidt, Creative Director.



Quriosity Productions
Creative Director / Writer: Susan Schmidt
Collective Directors: Herman Asph, Will Meyers, Eric Almond
Exec Producer: Qadree Holmes
Producers: Patrick Richter / Adora Wilson-Eye
Director of Photography: Herman Asph

Quriosity Post
Editor: Curtis Schmidt
Post Producer: Patrick Richter
Colorist: Curtis Schmidt
Audio Engineer: Mark Ruff, CRC
Music: Music Dealers, Chicago


Director: Eric Almond
Director of Photography: Patrick Charles
Script: Trevor Jackson
Hair/Makeup: Maribel Candia
Talent: Amanda Rivera and Ryan Young
Editor: CH Edits

Director/ DP: Herman Asph, Quriosity
Line Producer: Patrick Richter, Quriosity
Assoc Producer: Felix Pineiro, Quriosity
Editor: Felix Pineiro, Quriosity
Colorist: Luke Morrison, The Mill
VFX: Brody Davis, Bad Taste
Audio: Mark Ruff, CRC

Director: Will Meyers, Quriosity
DP: Chris Rejano
Creative Director: Susan Schmidt
Producer: Patrick Richter, Quriosity
Executive Producer: Qadree Holmes, Quriosity
Actress: Caroline Foreman
Actor: Felix Piniero
Editor: Angelo Valencia, Beast Editorial
Assistant: Melissa Weinmann
Colorist: Tyler Roth, Company 3
Flame Artist: Mark Anderson, Method Studios
Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger, Beast Editorial
Senior Producer: Lauren Roth, Beast Editorial