Kimani Whitsey – Gully

March 1

Kimani Whitsey – Gully is a Chicago-based screenwriter and photographer. After graduating from Purdue University with a Multidisciplinary Engineering degree and a Film & Video Studies Minor, Kimani was accepted into Cinespace’s Cinecares Foundation Internship Program, where she was placed in various departments on set, leading her to PA around the city on several projects. Film and tv are such a huge part of her life because they provide a release where the viewer is transported into another world. Being an empath, stories that make her feel anything deeply is what draws Kimani in. Kimani’s biggest aims are to create bodies of work that inspire people to create for themselves, embolden creators of color, and bring more images of POC that reflect the diversity of our culture on screen and print while cultivating a fulfilling love filled life.